Energy and Composite Materials

Advanced Materials conferences the term "energetic matter" means any matter capable of responding to the emission of energy. An energetic material is a type of substance that can release large amounts of chemical energy stored in it. Energetic materials are a broad category of materials that can be used to convert or transmit energy. Energetic materials also play a role in reducing the power consumption and performance of modern devices. Energetic materials research covers a wide range of topics, including technological devices. The term "energy content" encompasses a wide range of substances, from simple motor fuels such as gasoline and diesel, to powerful explosives such as gunpowder, dynamite, and TNT. Composite materials are materials made up of two or more components, real or man-made, that are stronger than others because of their different physical or chemical properties. Composite materials can be divided into two types:Fiber reinforced polymer composites and particle reinforced composites. Polymer matrix composites are fiber reinforced polymer composites. Tennis, aircraft and helicopter blades, football, badminton and squash rackets, kayaks and inflatable boats all use composites.


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