In Advanced Material Conferences Corrosion is a natural process that transforms refined metals into more chemically stable oxides. It is the gradual degradation of a materials (usually a metal) through chemical or electrochemical reactions with the environment. Corrosion engineering is a field dedicated to the control and prevention of corrosion. In the most common usage of the word, it means the electrochemical oxidation of metals reacting with oxidizing agents such as oxygen, hydrogen, and hydroxides. Rust, the formation of iron oxide, is a well-known example of electrochemical corrosion. This type of damage usually produces an oxide or salt of the original metal, giving it a characteristic orange color. Corrosion can also occur in non-metallic materials such as ceramics and polymers, but the term "degradation" is more commonly used in this context. Advanced Material conferences Corrosion reduces useful properties of materials and structures, such as strength, appearance, and permeability to liquids and gases.


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