Advanced Materials and Smart Materials

Advanced Materials conferences that are improved over conventional materials used thousands of years ago are called advanced materialsAdvanced materials conferences include smart materials, semiconductors, biomaterials, and nanoengineered materials. The study of unique building materials used in fields such as IT, effective mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and medicine is at the heart of advanced materials research. Nanodevices have a profound impact on environmental management, human health and longevity, food production, and energy conversion. These are important prerequisites for humans to be able to fully exploit mechanical, magnetic, electrical and biological systems. Smart materials have one or more properties that can be significantly altered in a controlled manner by external factors such as electric and magnetic fields, heat, humidity, light, temperature, pH, and chemical compounds. Sensitive or reactive material is another term for smart material. Sensors and actuators or artificial muscles are examples of smart materials applications, especially as electroactive polymers.


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